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Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage: What Is and Is Not Covered by a Standard Homeowners Policy

July 15, 2016

Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage: What Is and Is Not Covered by a Standard Homeowners Policy


If you’re a gun owner, you might want to consider adding firearm & concealed weapon coverage. While your standard homeowners insurance policy will typically cover firearms that are stolen or damaged in a fire, it does not cover your personal liability should you shoot an intruder. According to by adding firearm & concealed weapons coverage, you are covered for civil and criminal liability should you need to use your gun in self-defense regardless of whether or not you have a concealed carry permit.

Since guns are considered personal property, they are covered under your homeowners insurance policy in the same way as other valuables. Moreover, a standard homeowners insurance policy covers several liability issues including accidental discharge. This is true even if someone else is harmed.

However under a standard homeowners policy, you are not covered if you intentionally harm or kill an intruder. Most homeowners policies have “intentional injury exclusions.” This means if you “intentionally cause damage or harm, you are on your own in any resulting liability claims.”

This is where adding firearm & concealed weapons coverage comes in. A standard homeowners policy caps liability at $100 thousand. If you’re charged in an intentional shooting, you could be looking at paying damages, medical bills and attorney fees. This could cost well over $1 million. Firearm & concealed weapons policies usually start with a liability limit of $1 million, and these policies only cost between $150 and $300 per year.

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The Importance of Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage

June 20, 2016

The Importance of Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage

According to the United States Government Accountability Board, there are over 8 million active concealed carry permits across the country.

Responsibly armed citizens are well-trained in gun safety, basic marksmanship, and local laws.  Additionally, many commit to improving skills, reciting laws, and perfecting situation awareness.  However, many overlook the vital consideration of concealed carry insurance coverage.

When you obtain a concealed carry permit, it is critical to obtain coverage for an accidental discharge that results in property damage or injury. Many people assume that if there is an accident, their homeowner insurance protects their freedoms and possessions. However, this not always the case. Some policies will not cover concealed carry damages, leaving you potentially responsible for all court costs and restitution.

.  It covers you when there is an accident involving your firearm. Homeowner policies do not generally provide adequate coverage for accidents causing personal injury, property damage, or theft.

To confirm your coverage, check the “wrongful acts” clause of your homeowner’s policy. Specifically research information noted as “intention of act”, self-defense” or “reasonable force.” In most cases, financial support is insufficient to protect your liberty and your property.

The Importance of Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage is broad and encompasses situations that seem unlikely. Yet, protection against such life events is imperative to those who carry firearms. Supplemental insurance provides protection and financial assistance in the following instances.

1-Negligence due to careless firing or accidental discharge

2-Accidents due to inadequate training or reckless handling

3-Liability due to unsafe storage or theft

A concealed carry permit is a privilege that comes with responsibility.

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Why You Need Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage

April 22, 2016

Getting a firearm to keep at home, or to carry with a concealed weapon permit, is meant to be a security investment. You know that, if it comes down to it, you have a means to protect yourself when there are no other options. And, because you’re a responsible gun owner, you make sure to cover all your bases. You take classes, you keep it out of reach of anyone who shouldn’t have it, and you make sure to add firearm and concealed weapon coverage to your insurance plan.

Why You Need Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage

Insurance isn’t something that firearms owners typically think about, but it’s just as much a part of being a responsible gun owner as regular time at the range and knowing your state’s concealed carry laws. This insurance covers you in case there is an act of negligence involving your firearm, or in case of an accident where you are found liable. That way, in case something does go wrong, you have a policy protecting your hard-earned assets.

Another concern gun owners should consider is what happens if your gun is stolen. Often a stolen weapon still leaves you liable, which is why you need to have an insurance policy shielding you from damages.

It’s Better To Have It And Not Need It, Than To Need It And Not Have It

You have a gun because you want the option of defending yourself in case there is no other way. It is your last resort. However, just as you want the safety of a firearm, but hope you won’t have to use it, you need the coverage of appropriate insurance, even though you hope you never have to depend on it.

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The Trouble with Trouble

January 13, 2012

No one wants to get into trouble. Nobody wakes up and thinks, “Boy. Today, I think I’d like to test the limits of my legal and insurance coverage. Honey? Get the 4-wheelers out! We’re going to test them out on that golf course.”

Trouble is a thing that pops up when least expected. The trick to taking care of trouble is making sure that as many of these little gaps as possible are not problem areas.

Without being alarmists, it can be surprising the things that American adults can be found personally liable for. A large lawsuit can boil down to something simple like: Click here to read more »

Firearm Instructor & Teacher Liability Insurance

June 16, 2009

Statistics show that gun ownership in the United States is at an all-time high. As a licensed firearm instructor, this makes your job more important than ever. By teaching new and inexperienced gun owners how to properly and safely handle their firearms, you greatly decrease the chance that they will be involved in a gun related accident. It’s equally important, however, that you don’t leave yourself personally unprotected. Regardless of the countless precautions you take to stave off every potential mishap, when working with firearms on a daily basis, there are certain factors that are out of your control.

Custom firearm instructor liability insurance coverage plans are available to protect yourself from a number undesirable outcomes that are unfortunately possible in the firearm instruction field. It’s no secret that lawsuits are a legitimate concern for virtually every business in America (just ask the gun manufacturers), so it is in your best interest to seek out a suitable plan as soon as possible. With a custom firearm instructor insurance package, you can shape a plan that will specifically shaped to shelter you from all the various factors in your work that are out of your hands. Glasses and earplugs are mandatory safety precautions at the firing range, so view a custom firearm instructor liability plan as a kevlar vest for your lawsuit exposure.

Shooting Range Insurance – Why Liability Coverage Is Necessary

April 7, 2009

Shooting ranges are a prime target for lawsuits because of their inherent liability risk. There is the obvious risk—injuries and death caused by misfire—but there are plenty of other issues that the owner of a shooting range needs to be aware of, as well. Some are preventable by taking certain security measures, such as stocking the range with proper fire extinguishers and maintaining superb upkeep of the facility. But just like all other aspects of life, the unexpected can and will happen, and that’s when you need to make sure you have the proper shooting range liability insurance coverage plan that’s custom designed for your needs. Shooting range insurance for liability risks can cover a great number of things many people would not expect, such as severe weather incidents such as a patron getting struck by lightning, or a non-club members trespassing onto the property and getting hurt.

Somebody could slip and fall in the range parking lot, while someone else can sustain an injury when using a rifle they purchased from your pro shop and might try to sue the shooting range for damages. Unfortunately, the number of claims that people find to file against shooting ranges seems endless, but the right shooting range liability coverage can keep the range up and running, and most importantly, safe.

Firearms Liability Insurance Coverage & Plans

March 31, 2009

Gun ownership comes armed with plenty of risks—from harmful usage to negligence to theft—yet very few insurance companies offer to insure firearms. The need for individuals to obtain firearm liability is becoming more and more imminent. Across the country, many states are proposing bills that would mandate all firearm owners to maintain a liability insurance coverage plan. Much like drivers need the proper insurance to lawfully operate a vehicle, with something as powerful and potentially dangerous as a gun, firearm owners need to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

It’s a fact that nobody likes to think about, but the number of injuries and deaths that are caused by guns each year is in the thousands and on the rise. No matter how responsible the owner of a firearm may be, accidents happen that can simply not be avoided, and like your mother has told you countless times before, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you own just a single handgun or an entire firearm collection, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if something unexpected happens. Just cross your fingers that it never does.


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