Work honestly,

Meditate everyday,
Meet people without fear,
And play.


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As an AcroYoga instructor, you passionately teach a highly physical practice that cultivates trust, connection, and playfulness between partners. Since Acrobalance is a prevalent component of AcroYoga, participants are often fully suspended in the air, using balance and core strength to form dynamic poses. So, even with spotters in place, both flyers and bases are vulnerable to serious injury – especially as strength, flexibility and balance are being developed.

Because of the physical risks involved, AcroYoga instruction can expose you to significant personal liability – even if you have an active professional liability policy. Traditional insurance companies often consider activities like AcroYoga as extreme in nature, so they exclude them from coverage in the fine print of their policies.

XINSURANCE policies are designed to address this problem. Think of it as supplemental insurance protection against the gaps, exclusions and limits in your existing coverage. Best of all, since the coverage is generally supplemental, the premiums stay low and affordable – providing all the peace of mind you need to listen, love and let go.

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