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The definition of

"employer" under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act provides for personal liability of company managers and officials.

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Employment litigation is becoming increasingly common in the United States. More alarming is that plaintiff attorneys are not only suing the companies involved, but are holding managers and supervisors personally liable. Many of the lawsuits attempt to hold other individuals liable just because their positions required participation in the activity in question:

  • The HR manager who evaluates or terminates the disputing employee.
  • The HR manager or supervisory employee who communicates the decision.
  • The company official who makes the defining decisions on an employee in a disputed situation.

Your employer may have a business policy that covers you under many situations, but you’re still at serious risk of being named individually in a lawsuit – especially if the claim involves sexual harassment, discrimination or assault and battery. Do you have a plan in place for legal defense and protecting your personal assets?

XINSURANCE policies provide supplemental insurance protection against the gaps, exclusions and limits in your existing coverage. Best of all, since the coverage is supplemental, the premiums stay low and affordable – providing the peace of mind you need to do your job without hesitation.

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