Rescue and Evacuation


Whether you are climbing in the United States or internationally, XINSURANCE has you covered. Coverage can be provided on a per trip basis, so you only pay for the time you need the coverage. No membership is required.

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At XINSURANCE, we avoid the waiting game. Print your policy as soon as your payment has been received and verified via secure online payment.

Rescue and Evacuation Liability

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You live for adventure, and pushing your physical limits in remote, wilderness locations, or simply traveling off the beaten path is all part of the fun. So, depending on how wild and remote your adventures take you, you could require medical rescue or evacuation for non-medical reasons – such as war, civil unrest, natural disasters, or other causes.

It’s important to realize that rescue and evacuation costs are typically excluded from traditional insurance coverage. That’s where XINSURANCE comes in. Your Rescue & Evacuation policy from XINSURANCE provides a cost reimbursement benefit, and gives you the peace of mind you need to stay focused on the adventure at hand. Your policy will reimburse up to $10,000 in emergency rescue or evacuation costs incurred while on a covered trip.

NOTE: This is not health insurance coverage. Policies do NOT cover hospital costs. This coverage provides reimbursement for emergency transportation costs only, for claims reported within 30 days of the rescue or evacuation.

XINSURANCE provides supplemental insurance coverage for the gaps, exclusions and limits in your existing policies. Since the coverage is supplemental, the premiums stay low and affordable – and you stay protected from catastrophic events.

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