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Avid Outdoorsman? Specialized Personal Liability Coverage Can Fill Insurance Gaps

Avid Outdoorsman? Specialized Personal Liability Coverage Can Fill Insurance Gaps

You’ve been an active outdoors person for most of your life and love to backpack, kayak, and even rock climb. To you, all of these activities seem perfectly safe provided that one uses common sense. You may even make your weekend outdoor excursions a family adventure. However there are many ways that such a lifestyle can expose you to a liability suit.

For example, if one of your children invites a friend on a trip who then suffers an injury, you could be vulnerable to a lawsuit. Minors are treated differently by the courts from adults. While backpacking may seem tame to you and your family, it’s a more hazardous activity to those who lack your family’s extensive experience. Your son’s friend could wander out of his tent overnight and get lost, or get violently sick from drinking contaminated water.

Rock climbing is an especially problematic area of liability exposure. If you decide to teach a friend how to rock climb and he suffers a serious injury, he may have no choice but to sue you because his health insurance policy excludes rock climbing injuries. Being your friend, it didn’t occur to you to make him sign a release form that waives his right to sue.

If your equipment fails, you may get sued even if the person signed a liability release form, because it involves possible negligence on your part. You may also want to think twice about giving a rock climbing lesson to minors, regardless of their relationship with your children. Rock climbing is considered an extreme sport and is listed as such along with other sports you would never consider such as base jumping and skydiving.

Life is good but that can change should an accident trigger litigation against you. Preserve your lifestyle, assets, and financial security by identifying and filling insurance gaps that expose you to paying costly damages from a lawsuit. To learn about how specialized personal liability coverage can protect you from legal exposure and financial devastation, contact us.