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Break Dance Instructor & Choreographer Insurance

Break-dancing is a thrill to watch—it’s fast paced, energetic, and features plenty of seemingly impossible contortions and twists. However, because of the risks involved in such a highly athletic sport, break-dance is also highly dangerous, especially when dealing with beginning and amateur dancers. Break-dance instructors get the joy of teaching what they love, but they also must take responsibility for the safety of their students.

Break-dance instructors, whether dealing with private one-on-one sessions or a group setting, must insure themselves with a liability plan that will cover any incidents that may come up during their lessons. Many break-dance moves involve spinning on the floor and balancing on highly-sensitive areas such as the back and neck. Should somebody trying out a new move make one little mistake and land on their neck in the wrong way, a serious permanent injury can occur. They can then sue their break-dance teacher for negligence, and if that instructor isn’t properly insured, they will be paying any legal fees out of their own pocket. To be a successful break-dance instructor, make the right move and get the appropriate liability coverage.