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Commercial Airline Pilot Liability Insurance

Whether it’s bad weather, turbulence, or equipment problems, commercial airline pilots have enough things to worry about when it comes to doing their job right and keeping all the passengers on board safe. But when the unfortunate happens and a plane is damaged, a passenger sues claiming an incident occurred on the plane, or worse, can the pilot be held liable in a civil suit? While all major commercial airlines provide liability insurance protect for their pilots, what happens if a pilot starts working for a small or independent airline that does not offer such protection? Can the pilot really be sued and held liable for damages to either the airline or passengers?

With custom commercial pilot liability insurance, any pilot can make sure they’re covered and protected from civil lawsuits seeking damages even if their employer does not offer such protection. With a plan that is designed to fit your needs, no pilot will have to worry about gaps in their insurance policies leaving them and their family vulnerable to lawsuits seeking monetary damages. Make sure that you never fly without the right protection and sign up for a pilot liability insurance plan today.