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It’s a dangerous world out there. According to the FMCSA, 415,000 reported crashes involved commercial vehicles in the United States in 2015, and 4,311 of those crashes were fatal. If you own a business that uses trucks, consider getting a commercial truck insurance quote from XINSURANCE today. Many insurance companies have backed out of the commercial auto insurance market, but XINSURANCE has specialized in commercial trucking insurance for almost 30 years. If you’re struggling to find insurance, we can offer commercial trucking insurance tailored to your needs. We can cover long-haul and short-haul trucking, auto fleets, and more.

What exactly does our insurance cover?

First off, we provide commercial auto liability, an important safeguard for your business. Liability insurance protects you financially against lawsuits in which you, or your employee, is at fault for damage done to property or personal injury. These lawsuits usually develop as a result of auto accidents and can generate massive financial damage to your business. If your business lacks adequate liability insurance, it may not survive one of these lawsuits.

Second, we provide coverage for physical damage to your auto, in case of an accident, or other unforeseen situations. This policy often provides three options for coverage: comprehensive, specified cause of loss, and collision. Comprehensive, is, as it sounds, comprehensive. It applies to damage caused by anything other than the vehicle’s collision with an object, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. Comprehensive coverage is designed to coexist with collision coverage, which protects your vehicle against direct collisions.

Third, we provide coverage for motor truck cargo, which covers you in cases where your cargo is lost or damaged. There are many exclusions to this policy, and you should check with us, at XINSURANCE to determine just how far the policy extends. Usually, policies enact limitations on certain commodities, such as tobacco, alcohol, and furs, because these are subject to special trade restrictions.

Fourth, we provide a hired auto policy, which provides liability coverage in the case of vehicles that you “hire” (i.e., lease or rent, but do not own). This policy operates as a supplement to your general liability. It covers bodily injury and property damage, but not collision damage. We also provide a non-hired auto policy, which applies to personal vehicles owned by employees, but not directly by the business. Just like hired auto, this policy operates as a supplement to a general liability policy.

Fifth, we provide a contingent auto liability policy. This policy is designed primarily for leasing companies that own the vehicles they lease to others. When such a company leases a vehicle, it remains the legal owner. This means that the company could be named in a lawsuit resulting from an accident involving one of its vehicles. Contingent auto liability protects the company in this instance. Others can also benefit from this protection. Trucking brokers often pair privately owned trucks with jobs. By doing so, they assume a certain amount of liability. In a lawsuit, the broker could face a similar case to the leasing company, in which case contingent auto liability would protect him.

Sixth, we provide trailer interchange coverage. It is common for truckers to use trailers belonging to others, and this policy provides coverage for physical damage incurred to a trailer while it is in the driver’s possession. It requires a “written trailer or equipment interchange agreement” to be in place for the insurance to operate upon the trailer.

Above are just a few of the policies included in our commercial truck insurance quote. We also provide other policies, as well as excess coverage.

We at XINSURANCE are the smart, opportunistic option for the intelligent, professional vehicle owner. We are always looking for true partners. Our in-depth underwriting approach and engaging risk management discussions are engineered to best protect the insured. Our flexibility and stability are second to none. We supply solutions to insureds in need, evaluating risk and providing coverage for new companies, startups, and companies with claims history or other financial issues. Our all-in-one partnership approach engenders a mutually beneficial understanding between all vested stakeholders who work together to mitigate risk and fight frivolous claims and lawsuits. In our three decades of existence, XINSURANCE has developed an in-house team of underwriters, risk managers, policy service-workers, and claims managers that work ceaselessly to defend your interests and protect your financial stability. Our coverage provides protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether it’s as an individual owner or a business with a fleet, our insurance solutions will help you to focus on what’s important. Contact us today for a commercial truck insurance quote.