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AcroYoga Insurance

Customized AcroYoga Insurance Can Protect instructors From Personal Liability In The Studio

Yoga is an ancient healing art practiced by millions of people around the world.

It is a moving meditation used for stress relief as much as, if not for more than, fitness and flexibility.

There are many styles of yoga, all of which encompass both mental and physical components.

Some styles, such as Yin Yoga, are slower-paced and involve holding asanas, or poses, for longer lengths of time to ensure a really deep stretch.

Other types, such as the more recently developed AcroYoga — a practice which combines yoga and acrobatics, are more extreme and involve complicated balances, suspensions and physically challenging poses that can take a long time for practitioners to master.

Whether on the mat as an experienced yogi, or just starting out as a novice, yoga students put a lot of trust in their instructors to guide them safely through poses and new routines.

This means that though they are extensively trained and incredibly skilled at what they do, because of the increased physical risks involved, AcroYoga instructors are unfortunately at a higher risk for personality liability in the studio than some of their counterparts.

Sadly, even if these teachers have an active professional liability policy in place, traditional insurance companies often consider sports like AcroYoga to be extreme in nature and therefore exclude them from coverage in the fine print of their policies.

Protect Yourself

Accidents are bound to happen even during the most carefully managed classes, and without sufficient coverage, AcroYoga instructors could find themselves facing significant personal liability claims.

Therefore, before guiding students in the studio, it’s important for trainers to find a clear and comprehensive AcroYoga coverage policy to protect themselves in the case of an injury sustained during their sessions.

Finding a custom insurance policy designed to provide liability protection for independent fitness instructors can prevent trainers from having to pay huge out-of-pocket settlements from claims made as the result of an accident in class.

Dedicated yoga instructors strive to provide a stress-free space for students to grow and develop their practice, so they can’t spend time worrying about getting sued over an unfortunate accident.


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