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Customized Liability Coverage For Pilots

The feat of flying in clear skies over a beautiful landscape is energizing for any pilot. With the wind humming and constant checking of the conditions, pilots have to be alert and focused for a safe journey. Yet are you paying as much attention to your insurance policy as you are to the gauges? Whether you are flying your own plane or renting, you need enough liability insurance to cover any losses that may occur.

As a pilot you may be exposed to gaps, exclusions and other turbulence in your insurance policy that leave your assets exposed to debilitating litigation and lawsuits. Be as careful with your individual liability coverage as you are in the sky because you may be named in a claim, incident or lawsuit.

Xinsurance provides individualized policies that provide custom coverage tailored to your unique needs and will robustly protect and defend your assets in case of a claim. In addition, we can provide coverage for related business operations. Xinsurance can help you effectively plan and manage all the unexpected risks on the horizon so you can have peace of mind and enjoy the view.