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Dangerous Breed Dogs, Often the Exception to the Rule

Don’t you hate exceptions?  Like when you have a 50% off coupon to the restaurant you love and you go there only to find out the coupon is not valid at that location.  Or, say you enter to win a drawing and the fine print says, “You must live in _____ to qualify” or “You must be ____ age to apply” and you are disqualified?   A lot of times, it just doesn’t seem fair.

At XINSURANCE we get that.  That’s why we aim to insure what other insurance policies consider an exception and leave out of what they cover.

Take your dangerous breed dog for example.  You might not be aware that your home insurance policy has blacklisted your dog’s breed and you are therefore not covered, or the cost of your insurance will skyrocket due to your dog’s breed.  The breeds that are usually rejected are pit bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and German shepherds.

So, if your dog falls into that category, checkout this article for the latest news on dangerous breed dogs and insurance.

Doing your research is important so that you don’t find yourself unprotected when you need it the most.  Look into the specifics of your insurance policy and contact XINSURANCE to see how we can help cover you, because no one likes exceptions.

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