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Doctor & Physician Off-Duty Liability Insurance Coverage

“Is there a doctor in the building!?!?!?!” Now, it’s certainly understandable to believe that this question should be strictly relegated to the fictional realm of B movies and daytime soap operas. However, even in the real world, situations take place everyday where off-duty doctors are called upon to take swift action in the wake of an accident or emergency. As a doctor, it is in your nature to react. Even if you’re off duty, it becomes instinctual to help whoever possible, whenever possible. Sometimes things happen so quickly that there is no time to consider the legal ramifications of providing emergency medical care while off duty. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of people would be eternally grateful for whatever assistance you were able to provide them in a medical emergency, there is a select few who would hold you accountable if something were to go wrong, which is why you need to make sure you are properly covered with liability insurance.

Custom off-duty doctor liability insurance coverage plans are available to protect you from any litigation you could encounter for providing emergency medical care while off-duty. The plans can be tailored to specifically suit you, i.e. your specialty, neighborhood, vacation plans, etc. Malpractice suits are at an all-time high, and there’s no reason to believe that they pertain strictly to the operating room. Consider a custom off-duty doctor & physician liability plan, so you can be doctor wherever you are.