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Driving Instructor Liability Insurance Plans

It’s scary enough to be in a car with a fifteen year-old at the wheel. As a driving instructor/driving school owner, you don’t need the additional headache of worrying over insufficient insurance coverage. The job of driving instructor is incredibly important, and perhaps undervalued in today’s society. The lessons you teach your students have a direct influence over their own safety, and the safety of everyone else on the road. However, driving instruction is still a business, and you need to make sure that business is protected from the many different liabilities that could potentially take a significant cut into your profits.

Custom driving instructor liability insurance coverage plans are available to ensure that exposure is kept to an absolute minimum. Anything from covering to damage all parts of the car, to your entire fleet of vehicles, damages from fire or in the event of theft, and even the legal protection that has become increasingly necessary these days. Medical and non-fault accident coverage is also potentially available. Whether you run a small business and serve as the only employee, or your business is booming, with the number of instructors and automobiles growing on a consistent basis, you need a comprehensive driving instructor insurance plan in place. It’s the only way to ensure that things will continue running smoothly.