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Excess Doctor & Physician Liability Insurance

No matter what type of healthcare industry you work in, it is almost certain that you will be facing challenges every day. Whether it is how to provide the best treatment or dealing with the stress of day-long shifts and a non-stop workload, you always have something to worry about on your mind. While you can take every precaution necessary to make sure you deliver the best quality of care to all patients, there are some things you can’t control – such as lawsuits seeking monetary damages. Even if you’ve never been faced with such a concern, you still never know what the future holds and it is best to make sure you’re covered before it becomes too late.

This is why excess doctor and physician liability insurance is so important to have no matter how good at treating patients you are. While you might have medical malpractice insurance, you are leaving yourself exposed to gaps in these traditional insurance policies, which can exclude defense of wrongful acts (assault & battery or sexual abuse & molestation). These excess liability plans should be viewed as an extension of your current policy to help you stay protected and focus on treating patients rather than stressing about insurance gaps.