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Exotic Animal Liability Insurance

Exotic animal ownership is on the rise in the United States. It is now believed that more exotic pets live and are beloved in private American homes than are taken care for in zoos. Reptiles, large felines and primates are increasingly common in private homes. Certainly, owners know that exotic pets require special care, housing and maintenance. Yet exotic pets carry a risk even for the most responsible owner with escapes from enclosures that can lead to attacks and transmission of diseases.

There are increasing regulations throughout levels of government on exotic pet ownership with insurance implications. The likelihood of your exotic pet being covered by your homeowners insurance is slim. Many traditional insurance policies are very particular as to what animals they cover. Most even restrict certain breeds of dogs from coverage or exclude animal liability coverage altogether. Because insurance policies are becoming more exclusionary, it is likely that your current homeowners insurance policy will not cover your exotic pet.

You love and take care of you pet but incidents do occur. Do not leave your assets exposed and unprotected in case your exotic animal is listed in a claim or lawsuit. Be prepared from the unexpected with an Exotic Animal Liability Policy from XINSURANCE. Get a quote today!

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