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Finding Out The Hard Way: Complex Needs Require Comprehensive Coverage

Ted and Ellen Marks worked tirelessly until their retirement in early 2020 and looked forward to spending time together, enjoying a lifestyle they previously only dreamed of.

The Marks sold their bungalow, bought a lakefront property, and filled the boathouse and garage with toys like Sea-Doos, a speed boat, and four-wheelers for when their adult children came to visit with their kids.

The couple rushed purchase insurance to protect their assets as they acquired them, scoring a low-price deal at their local brokerage. They thought they were ready.

They weren’t.

Loopholes in under-priced policies

Two months into their dream life, one of the Marks’ neighbors brought their 15-year-old twins over to play with the Sea-Doos, under supervision.

Joy turned to terror just minutes into the play session when one of the boys lost control of his Sea-Doo and crashed full-speed into the dock.
The boy was ok – his shoulder was sore, but he was in good shape, all things considered.

The dock, the Sea-Doo, and a canoe stored nearby were all damaged.

The Marks’ insurance covered most of the damage, but they still had to pay a few thousand dollars out-of-pocket to cover the deductible.

Then, a few weeks later, they received a letter from their neighbor.

The boys’ parents were suing them. Apparently, he sustained a broken collarbone in the crash, and the Marks’ insurance didn’t cover it.

So happily retired just weeks before, the couple was forced to pay more than a million dollars and almost filed for bankruptcy. They moved in with one of their daughters, working on getting back on their feet.

Finding an alternative

Admitted insurance companies may sell policies for a lower price, but no matter what customers pay for their coverage, claims will happen. Claim settlement rates, though, are climbing. Nuclear settlements, or settlements over $10 million, are becoming more commonplace.

So, those companies start dropping and excluding certain types of coverage to save money, throwing customers under the bus.

Fortunately for the Marks, some of their long-term investments spiked a few months after the settlement, and soon, they were shopping for a smaller property in the wilderness where they planned to host guided tours to earn a little extra money.

But no one would insure them. It’s risky to lead people through the wilderness.

The Marks switched to XINSURANCE after one of their (new) neighbors recommended the company. XINSURANCE offers specialized policies at a fair price and fills the gaps left by their current admitted home and car insurance.

The company not only insured their business but also provided coverage tailored to their needs, even covering their Rottweilers in case they ever got aggressive and bit someone.

XINSURANCE’s True Umbrella Policy seemed to be a perfect fit. Then, they learned about XINSURANCE’s approach to litigation.

Finally, peace of mind

When the Marks first consulted with their broker, they made it very clear that they wanted strong protection against litigation or lawsuits.

They learned XINSURANCE has a proven strategy based on putting the customer first.

The all-inclusive policies were designed to take pressure off the client, so they tend to the business in their already stressful lives.

A team of lawyers with years of experience is ready to follow and defend XINSURANCE clients from the beginning of the legal process to resolution.

The Marks are stepping into the next chapter of their lives and so excited to move on. The sleepless nights and feelings of imposition are becoming a memory.

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