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Firearms Liability Insurance Coverage & Plans

Gun ownership comes armed with plenty of risks—from harmful usage to negligence to theft—yet very few insurance companies offer to insure firearms. The need for individuals to obtain firearm liability is becoming more and more imminent. Across the country, many states are proposing bills that would mandate all firearm owners to maintain a liability insurance coverage plan. Much like drivers need the proper insurance to lawfully operate a vehicle, with something as powerful and potentially dangerous as a gun, firearm owners need to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

It’s a fact that nobody likes to think about, but the number of injuries and deaths that are caused by guns each year is in the thousands and on the rise. No matter how responsible the owner of a firearm may be, accidents happen that can simply not be avoided, and like your mother has told you countless times before, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you own just a single handgun or an entire firearm collection, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered if something unexpected happens. Just cross your fingers that it never does.