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Greenhouse Insurance Plans & Coverage

People in the greenhouse industry have some unique obstacles to overcome. Running any kind of business is stressful, but growers have the livelihood of their plants and crops to worry about. Even individuals who have a greenhouse at their home need to worry about damage to their investments, even if it is just a hobby. Nature isn’t always reliable, and when you factor in the uncontrollable elements such as weather-inflicted damage, it seems that some plant loss is inevitable. If you can’t save your plants, you should at least save your money.

To do so, there are customized greenhouse insurance plans that keep the needs of greenhouse owners in mind. If you put in the time and care to grow strong and healthy plants, your insurance plan should cover the claims that you cannot prevent. These plans should include all of the most common liabilities that may spring up—from severe weather such as thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds to fire, theft, or damage to the greenhouse structure. Once you’re properly insured, you can be certain that nothing will stop your plants, hobby, or business from growing.