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How business makes you liable

Sitting comfortably in your office chair, you’re probably feeling pretty cozy and perhaps even protected from the ills of the world. Think again. The reality is, when it comes to personal liability, you’re more exposed at the office place than perhaps any other arena. Just take a look at a few of these sobering statistics:

85,000 medical malpractice lawsuits are filed each year in the United States

Every dentist can expect at least one malpractice lawsuit during their career

One out of every two attorneys will have a malpractice claim against them in their career

• The list goes on and on…

So what makes the workplace such a minefield of lawsuits? Interacting with a wide variety of employees and/or vendors on a regular basis is one of the primary reasons. Perhaps the lawsuit comes from a coworker of the opposite sex that misinterpreted a particular communication; it might come from a lower-level employee that took your advice on some personal matter and ended up dissatisfied; it might even come from the water delivery person that is offended while in your break room. No matter the scenario, for most professionals, there is no “corporate veil” available to protect you from a catastrophic lawsuit – especially if the judgment rendered exceeds your existing insurance limits.

So what can you do to transform that false sense of security into an actual shield against litigation? The easiest (and not unexpected) solution is XINSURANCE. No matter your professional industry, XINSURANCE provides insurance solutions to protect your assets in the case of a lawsuit – allowing you to keep up operations as normal.

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