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How to Get a Free Windsock


XINSURANCE offers individual liability protection to aviation professionals.

Pilots of all experience levels qualify for coverage. Customized coverage is available for professional pilots, recreational pilots, CFIs, AMTs, student pilots, helicopter owners, fractional owners, and private contractors. Coverage for fixed-wing, light sport aircraft, experimental, medical transport, and more. Your special skills and business operations aviation career expose you to significant liability and lawsuits are filed every day. If an incident or claim results in a lawsuit, the cost of a defense can be overwhelming. XINSURANCE partners with you to customize coverage based on your needs and then provides a defense if you are named in a lawsuit. XINSURANCE is the added protection that more and more pilots and aviation career professionals are finding to be a trusted resource. Each policy is customized based on your individual liability risks.

Visit or email, or call us at 1-877-585-2853 to get a free insurance review and we’ll send you an XINSURANCE windsock for free!