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Independent Truck Drivers Insurance

While trucks are a very common sight to see on the road, many don’t realize that their drivers hold one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. As an independent truck driver, primary liability coverage isn’t only a smart option—it’s the only option, as it’s required by law. Owner-operators need an independent truck driver’s liability plan that will cover auto-related injuries to themselves and their passengers as well as any damage that may happen to their vehicle.

The trucker lifestyle can be very taxing on the mind and body. Due to abnormal schedules and long consecutive hours stuck in the driver’s seat, many health issues can arise, such as carpal tunnel, backache, hypertension, and vision impairment. Many truck drivers also suffer from fatigue and sleep disorders, which is a leading cause of truck-related accidents that occur on the road. Truck drivers are integral in keeping commerce flowing, so their health and safety is just as important. Independent truck drivers need to make sure that they equip themselves with the best possible liability coverage designed for independent truck drivers that will help them out when the road gets rough.