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Insurance for Bar Security Guards

Insurance for Bar and Nightclub Security Guards

Bars and nightclubs can be unpredictable places. Patrons, generally fuelled with alcohol and possibly other substances, can create a whole host of problems for the establishment. As a security guard, you will already know this. And you’ve likely already witnessed your fair share of incidents, which is why insurance for bar security guards is so important.

Fights, arguments, and other aggressive encounters are common with intoxicated patrons, especially when the establishment is closing and people exit onto the street. Your job is to keep everyone safe, but that’s not always possible unless you get involved and break up a violent scuffle. If a patron gets injured in the process, they may sue you. This situation is common.

Sued for Doing Your Job as a Nightclub Security Guard

Americans like to drink. An average American consumes 9.5 alcoholic drinks per week. However, that number is significantly increased when out in bars and clubs. Alcohol can fuel aggression and lead to someone acting violently. This is where you step in.

However, for breaking up a scuffle or restraining a patron, you risk being found liable for bodily harm or property damage. If found liable, claims can run into the millions. Take this example where a patron was awarded $5 million after he was injured by door security. The best way to help protect yourself during these circumstances is by having bar security insurance coverage.

What Can Door Security Do Legally?

To help minimize the risk of facing a lawsuit, you need to be aware of your legal limitations. Door security can do the following:

  • Request a patron to leave.
  • Issue a verbal warning.
  • Check ID.
  • Refuse entry to a patron.
  • Protect bystanders from violence.
  • Break up fights.
  • Respond with equal force.
  • Detain someone using reasonable force if you witness them participating in an illegal act.

Problems occur when equal or reasonable force is used. If the patron is injured in the process, it can be your word against theirs. It can be difficult to prove that your actions were justified. You can protect yourself by having nightclub security guard insurance to back you up.

XINSURANCE: Insurance for Bar Security Guards

At XINSURANCE, we understand how hard it can be to get sufficient coverage for high-risk occupations. That’s why we’ve established ourselves as an expert broker for specialty liability insurance solutions.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. Our all-in-one approach allows us to find coverage for our customers, even if they have been denied coverage in the past or already have a claims history.

Don’t rely on your homeowner’s insurance to protect you from liability claims. Most policies are woefully inadequate in this area. They tend to include low claim limits and many exclusions. Help protect yourself from liability claims with specialty coverage from XINSURANCE.

Get in Touch with XINSURANCE for Insurance for Bar and Nightclub Security Guards

Whether you’re a security guard for a bar or nightclub and whether you’re armed or not, XINSURANCE may be able to help you. Get in touch today to find out more about our insurance for nightclub security guards. Our website details our extensive product line, and you can click for a quote when you’re ready.

Don’t let an intoxicated patron decide your fate. Get insurance for bar and nightclub security guards from XINSURANCE today.