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Insurance for Special Events

Insurance for Special Events – Providing Peace of Mind When Accidents Occur

If you’re an organizer or participant for a competitive or special event, you’ll be all too aware of the hard work and dedication that it takes to make an event successful. For months leading up to the event, you’ll be planning and preparing everything down to the finest detail to ensure things run smoothly on the day. Insurance for Special Events helps to provide peace of mind.

Audiences eagerly arrive for a special event to enjoy the spectacle and have a fun and exciting day out. The last thing they expect is to suffer from an accident caused by the event itself.

The problem is that special events carry a high amount of risk. Property damage, injury, or bodily harm caused by an event or its participants are all too common, but it’s surprising how many event organizers fail to have special event insurance in place.

A lot of organizers operate in the belief that their home insurance policy covers them for liability claims. This may not be true, however, and may leave them wide open to claims that can be financially ruinous for them and/or their business.

Injuries Sustained at Special Events

Individuals can sustain many different injuries at special events. While uncommon, they can be severe or in the worst case fatal – something that any event organizer would prefer to avoid. Some of the most common injuries are:

And for more information, check out these facts about injuries and special events:

  • Almost 50 percent of head injuries sustained in sports or recreational activities occur during bicycling, skateboarding, or skating accidents.
  • Extreme sports cause more than 40,000 head and neck injuries annually.
  • Fireworks, which are frequently used during events, start 18,500 fires per year on average, including 1300 structure fires and 300 vehicle fires. This costs around $43 million in direct property damage each year.
  • Several spectators were recently injured and hospitalized in an accident during a Motocross event.

Tips to Avoid Accidents at Your Special Event

The best way to minimize risk is by taking the proper precautions when organizing your event. While this won’t eliminate the risk entirely, it will help protect you as much as possible.

Some of the things you need to be doing are:

  • Performing rigorous safety checks on all equipment and infrastructure.
  • Maintaining any machinery and regularly carrying out repairs to keep it in top condition.
  • Ensuring any participants have adequate safety gear and equipment.
  • Performing tests and rehearsals to check if there is any audience exposure to danger.
  • Hiring qualified professionals to deal with electronics and other potentially dangerous areas of your event.
  • Adhering strictly to the event location’s safety rules.
  • Having clear emergency policies and procedures in place.
  • Keeping staff fully trained and ensuring they are alert at all times.
  • Ensuring you have adequate liability insurance for special events in place.

Insurance for Special Events

If you run special events, you’ll likely be all too aware that most insurers don’t want to know when it comes to coverage for liability, especially if you have a business in which accidents have occurred in the past.

This is where our insurance for special events differs from the rest of the market. We’ve got over 30 years of expertise at our disposal, which puts us in the unique position of being able to offer coverage to businesses that other insurers may avoid.

Our specialty lies with providing coverage for high-risk and hard-to-insure activities and businesses – including special events.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. Our all-in-one approach means that we assess your business operations and experience to see if we can customize a policy that’s designed to meet your needs fully, even if you’ve got a history that would usually render you uninsurable.

Our insurance for special events covers:

  • Injury or accident sustained by an audience member or participant.
  • Damage to third-party property.
  • General liability and liquor liability pyrotechnics.

It is our belief that no one should ever operate without proper coverage, so our insurance for special events is available for those seeking peace of mind.

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Whether you prefer to talk on the phone, via email or face-to-face, we’ve made it simple to get in touch and discuss insurance for special events.

Our knowledgeable and professional team are happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Make your event be the biggest success it can be with the protection you deserve. XINSURANCE insurance for special events can give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on wowing your audience.