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Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Liability Insurance

After decades of boxing being king, mixed martial arts (MMA) has taken over the spotlight as the premier fighting and full contact sport. After starting out with a small cult following, MMA is now broadcasted on primetime television in the United States, as well as launching a rebirth in karate and mixed martial arts schools all over the country. Despite how harmless learning or practicing karate or MMA in a controlled environment with the advice of a professional teacher, you are still at risk for not only getting injured yourself, but also injuring your sparring partner. While a few bumps and bruises are expected, you never know when you might seriously injure someone and be faced with a liability lawsuit.

This is why it’s not only important to make sure you practice karate and MMA with the right safety equipment and supervision, but also make sure you have mixed martial arts insurance for liability protection. It’s even more necessary to get covered if you’re the owner or instructor at a karate or MMA school because you could easily be sued for the injury of anyone at your school. MMA school owner and instructor liability insurance plans are available as well to keep your liabilities in check and make sure you can continue your business and passion.