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Lawsuits in Today’s World

It’s an unfortunate fact that the world in which we live is getting a little litigious. Lawsuits these days can pop up out of anywhere, and they aren’t always legitimate.

Frivolous lawsuits are especially present when your net worth gets higher. Sometimes, personal lawsuits can seek up to two-to-five million dollars, and for people who live or work in lawsuit-heavy industries (i.e. nonprofit organizations, condominium rentals, etc.), it might be a good idea to evaluate where your regular home policies might fall short, and where a personal liability policy might be a good idea.

A friend of mine works with kids, coaching sports at a local school. While most of us question her sanity, we also admire how much good she does in the lives of those girls. She told me a story, though, that made me realize how sticky a situation working with kids can be.

One day, after a few missed lay-ups, one of the girls on the team dropped the ball, stomped her feet several times, and yelled, “I just can’t handle this today!” Dripping tears, she ran out of the gym, which means she was, of course, followed by every other girl on the team, who all felt the need to go and console her.

My friend stood there in the gym, alone with her whistle, shaking her head at what just happened, when she realized she wasn’t actually alone. One girl, a quieter one, was left in the gym. She was taking advantage of the other girls’ absence to work on her dribbling skills.

Realizing she was alone with this small child, my friend bolted out the door. Visions of the Penn State scandal were jumping through her head, and she decided that, instead of being in a situation where anyone could say anything had happened, she could control that situation.

And, of course, all was well. But it’s a sticky world we live in, and personal liability is something we should all think about. Lawsuits can pop up out of anywhere, whether they are against people who work with children’s organization, people who own dogs, apartments, machinery, jet skis, firearms or other potentially harm-causing items, or just against people working in medical or freelance industries.

That’s why we provide a resource for these people in these jobs, like my friend, who are doing good things but can easily fall into a bad (or easily misinterpreted) situation.

If you’re worried about being exposed to lawsuits, have your personal liability profile evaluated by one of XINSURANCE’s experienced personnel. Call at 877-585-2853, or visit to get in contact with an agent, and they’ll make sure you’re free to follow your passions without worrying about being liable.