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Liability Insurance for Aquatic Professionals

Liability Insurance for Aquatic Professionals


XINSURANCE: A Lifeline for Aquatic Professionals

Aquatic professionals are in the business of ensuring others are safe and sound in the water. Meanwhile, we provide liability insurance for aquatic professionals to ensure they’re safe from litigation. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts it this way: “From aquatic facility designers to lifeguards, aquatic professionals are the first line of defense against illness and injury at public aquatic venues.”

Unfortunately, injuries are many, when you consider the first half of 2018 alone. The USA Swimming Foundation reports nearly 90 children younger than 15 drowned in a pool or spa from January through May 2018, and every year, about 19 children drown during the July 4 holiday. Add injuries and accidents in the ever-popular water parks throughout the U.S., and danger lurks around virtually every pool and water-related venue. For that reason, it is essential that aquatic professionals partner with an insurance company that has their back. XINSURANCE is committed to protecting lifeguards, volunteers, kayak, swimming, sailing and surfing instructors and educators in institutions and universities.


XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, an insurance brokerage. Simply put, XINSURANCE provides customized specialty insurance for ever-changing risks and liability issues, including property and casualty insurance — and coverage for aquatic professionals.

Why choose XINSURANCE? The company has insured virtually every type of risk, from a brilliant pyrotechnics show, a world-record helicopter bungee jump into the caldera of an active volcano above a pool of molten lava, to two brothers attempting to swim the English Channel, and Burning Man festival.

XINSURANCE has a 30-year track record of experience, with the knowledge, flexibility, and experience to offer customized coverage and solutions, with direct access to underwriting, risk management, and in-house claims services. And, over the last three decades, XINSURANCE has formed a number of strategic relationships with some of the world’s premier insurance organizations, including Lloyd’s of London, Gen Re, and RLI. Prime is also a member of the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA).

XINSURANCE is a strong insurance partner that can help protect against costly litigation, and provide a defense in the event aquatic professionals are named in an incident, claim or lawsuit. In this litigious society, XINSURANCE is a true lifeline for aquatic professionals.

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