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Liability Insurance for Doctors Volunteering in Foreign Countries

“No good deed goes unpunished.” As a volunteer doctor traveling to a foreign country, it would be naive to dismiss this old saying as mere cynicism. Regardless of the selfless, compassionate merits of donating your time, resources, and medical expertise to aid those born under severely disadvantaged circumstances, it would be ill-advised to leave before making absolutely sure that yourself and your livelihood are entirely protected. Foreign countries, particularly in the Third World, are full of people who could benefit tremendously from your assistance. However, providing medical care in these occasionally hostile environments can often be treacherous, with danger a legitimate possibility around every corner.

This is why volunteer doctors traveling to foreign countries, whether it’s strictly to a medical camp or religious as well, need to make sure they have the right liability insurance to protect themselves from undesirable situations. It would be inconceivable to diagnose an illness or perform even the smallest procedure in this country without comprehensive liability coverage, so why should overseas be any different? When you consider the meager conditions you will be working under, the limited resources that will be at your disposal, and the already poor health of the patients you will be caring for, it would be unwise to leave yourself any less protected. Custom liability coverage plans for volunteer doctors and other medical personnel are available to precisely suit the work you will be doing, in the country in which you will be providing care.