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Liability Insurance for Flight Instructors

Liability Insurance for Flight Instructors

An Important Lesson for Flight Instructors                                                                                                                                      

You’ve got your pilot certificate and your flight instructor certificate. You’re one of 85,539 active flight instructors in the U.S. and take great pride in sharing your love for flying with future pilots. But what of the dangers — and financial liability — to you as an instructor? Your student hits or clips the hangar or damages a door of an aircraft — or worse. Consider this: private flight crashes were 12x higher than the average for other types of general aviation flying. Thus, you should consider having liability insurance for flight instructors.

Liability Insurance for Flight Instructors

Fact is, there are two main areas of exposure to pilots operating an aircraft — liability for physical injury or property damage, and physical damage to the aircraft. Think you’re covered because you’re working for a flight school? Think again. Although the school has insurance, when an accident happens, claimants are looking for multiple sources of compensation. That includes your personal estate, whether you’re alive or deceased. The aircraft owner can also come after you.

“Any aircraft owner can seek reimbursement from pilots for the deductible and for increased insurance premiums,” says Rick J. Lindsey, president, CEO, and Chairman of Prime Insurance Company, an excess and surplus lines insurance carrier that specializes in providing solutions for specialty and declined risks. “Owners and pilots are separately liable for accidents under FAA regulations.”

What, then, do you do to protect yourself? The best protection against costly litigation is individual liability insurance from a trusted insurance company. XINSURANCE, powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, offers customized, individual liability insurance coverage for pilots of all experience levels. Certified Flight Instructors, AMTs, owners, fractional owners, FAA check ride pilots, and private contractors can obtain this coverage.

Let’s face it, as a flight instructor, you’re fully trained to take students up. But probably your most important lesson is to cover yourself before you even start teaching. XINSURANCE is the way to go before you go. Contact us today.