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Liability Insurance For Public Servants

You Already Put Your Life at Risk, Don’t Risk Your Finances as Well

Anyone working or volunteering as a public servant is subject to unique hazards. These hazards can be more than physical risks, they can also be financial in nature.

First responders, law enforcement officers and firefighters are some of the individuals that comprise a group of people who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving others. They are placed in dangerous situations and locations on a regular basis. Subjected to physical injuries, mental distress and exposure to hazardous materials, the last thing these heroic and dedicated men and women need is a threat to their financial well-being from lawsuits that can arise out of their selfless work.

There is a risk of being accused of negligence, racism, assault, theft and property damages. Emotions and tensions can run pretty high in many of these situations that they find themselves involved in and, though accusations and claims may be baseless and unfounded, these volunteers and public employees may be required to protect themselves and their assets in any event.

Public service liability or volunteer insurance is a way to protect what you and your family have against lawsuits by individuals or outside organizations. Our insurance professionals can consult with you to tailor a plan that is both affordable and provides comprehensive coverage to ensure you come out of any liability suit solvent and financially secure.

Even though your employer or organization may have group coverage that protects its employees or members, it is a smart move to make certain you are completely protected if the situation presents itself.

Individuals who work in an administrative capacity would also benefit from this type of coverage. Just because you do not find yourself out working with the public, you could find yourself part of a suit regardless. In addition, this coverage may protect you from suits generated from internal channels, for instance, if a member of your volunteer organization accuses you of sexual harassment. Imagine the peace of mind that having added protection at your disposal would give you.

Contact us to discuss your options and what types of coverages would benefit you the most.  Our professionals are available to answer your questions and provide you with the coverage you require for your specific needs.