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Small puppy white golden Labrador playing outdoors

Liability Insurance for Puppies

Puppies can be great for children, and they often grow up to be loving members of a family. With 90 million dogs as pets or in a working capacity, dogs are the USA’s best friend. But to keep enjoying these pets or future working dogs, we need to talk about liability insurance for puppies.

Choosing a puppy is typically a question of aesthetics or abilities. The Labrador is known for making an excellent family pet, for example, while a Collie is likely to be a fantastic working dog. While we know which dogs are classified as “dangerous breeds,” however, we can’t account for a puppy’s temperament.

Puppies Bite

Puppies can be unpredictable. Unlike adult dogs, they have not been trained in the same way and can easily become overexcited, which can lead to biting. Although these bites aren’t usually meant to harm, puppies have not yet learned their limits or self-control. They don’t realize that biting hurts. To a puppy, biting is fun.

What’s not fun, however, is being found liable for injury or damage sustained by a puppy bite. Facing a lawsuit because your puppy chewed and damaged a piece of someone’s property or gave them a hard nip causing damage can be catastrophic. Liability insurance for puppies is necessary to protect yourself.

Injuries are Common and Costly

In 2022, the national average cost for a dog-related injury claim increased 28%. The national average cost, on a per claim basis, increased 32% year-on-year, reaching $64,555. Unsurprisingly, this has caused home insurance premiums to skyrocket in recent years. Many insurers place restrictions on dog breeds or insist that dogs are muzzled in public.

Protecting Yourself and Your Puppy

There are several measures you can take to protect yourself from liability. When you receive your new furry bundle of joy, make sure you:

  • Start training your puppy as soon as possible.
  • Keep the puppy on a leash when in public.
  • When in public, keep your puppy close to you and warn people not to touch your puppy in case it bites.
  • Don’t put your puppy in situations where it is likely to be scared or startled.
  • Get liability insurance for puppies in place.

XINSURANCE: Liability Insurance for Puppies

With all the statistics about dog bites, you may think it will be difficult to find liability insurance for puppies. While home insurance policies can be restrictive and can fail to provide adequate coverage, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind. We’ve spent over four decades perfecting our liability coverage solutions and are pleased to offer our clients solutions to fully customized liability insurance for puppies.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. We look at your circumstances to determine the best coverage for your needs.

Our solutions to liability insurance for puppies includes:

  • All dogs, including breeds considered “dangerous.”
  • Puppies that have bitten in the past.
  • Puppies that are being trained to become working dogs.
  • 3rd-party bodily injury coverage.
  • 3rd-party property damage coverage.

We do not provide coverage for injury sustained by the puppy’s owner/family or damage to the owner/family’s property.

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