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Midwife Insurance & Liability Protection

Many Americans choose to place their trust in the hands of a midwife for that very special occasion—the birth of their child. Midwives, in turn, must promise to give the highest level of care and professionalism when dealing with such an important process. Just as other healthcare providers, like doctors and nurses, have malpractice insurance, midwives need to protect themselves with liability insurance to battle against any possible incident that could result in a claim against them.

Midwife liability insurance is necessary for all midwives, and even mandated by law for midwives practicing in certain states. While all professionals hope that a claim will never be filed against them, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Midwife liability insurance will cover claims dealing with error, negligence, injury, or any other breach of duty that a client feels the midwife is responsible for. With the right liability plan, a midwife’s insurance will cover any legal fees and any settlements awarded against them. When dealing with something as precious as human life, midwives cannot afford to practice their business uninsured and unprotected.