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Modern Pilot Liability-The Sky’s The Limit?

A Pilot’s Job Is Riskier Than Ever!

As if flying a plane (commercial or personal) wasn’t demanding enough before, there are at least 3 modern “obstacles” that pilots can run into.

Blinding Lasers From…….

It has become horribly common for thrill-seekers, usually on the ground, to shine a laser beam at airplane cockpits. This criminal act can, at least temporarily, blind a pilot. Although the guilty party incurring liability is earthbound, any problems caused by the pilot’s blindness may boomerang to the one who suffered the attack. Sad but true.

Toys That Fly

Another product of modern technology increasing pilot liability is the drone. When it runs amok and uncontrolled, interaction with an airplane can cause serious, even life-threatening damage. Once again, the innocent pilot risks financial loss and/or ruin because of the unexpected action of another.

A Surging Modern Hazard: Litigation

Driven more by greed than technology, an excess of lawsuits cannot go unnoticed. People, in general, may perceive a pilot as one with more financial assets than needed (“deep pockets”), thereby earning him or her a place in the crosshairs. An unfair but real perception. Obviously, attorneys are rightly at the ready for such legal proceedings.

Protect Yourself Against All Threats!

Lasers and drones and lawyers, oh my. In and of themselves, they’re very beneficial. However, pilots deserve a haven from unjust financial loss. Your traditional insurance could leave you exposed because of the “fine print” possibilities. If the financial risks seem endless (“the sky’s the limit”), contact us immediately. We fill the insurance gaps between traditional coverage and the stress-free activity you love!