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animal liability

Why Do I Need Animal Liability Coverage?

As a responsible dog owner, you do your best to meet your pet’s needs: shelter, proper nutrition, and regular vet checkups. But have you considered animal liability coverage?

Sure, your dog is a member of your family, and you think he (or she) could never be a liability. If your dog has no bite history and isn’t a breed with an aggressive reputation, you might think you have nothing to worry about.

However, even if your dog has had the best training and is treated like royalty, accidents can still happen. Dog-related damage is one of the leading causes of homeowner’s insurance claims. It may not be as serious as the recent dog attack that hospitalized a woman in Fresno, California. Animal liability can cover even the most innocent misadventure.

Perhaps your pup got a little too rough when playing. Maybe your dog got overly excited about springtime weather and dug into your neighbor’s flower beds. Perhaps your dog got scared and overreacted to a situation. Even a scratch from a dog trying to learn “shake” has led to insurance claims. In a world where anything can happen–and just about anything could prompt a lengthy and expensive lawsuit–animal liability coverage is just one more part of being a responsible pet owner.

Unfortunately, many homeowner or renter’s policies do not cover pets, and some insurance companies restrict certain breeds from coverage. There’s no need to worry. Whether your dog has a clean “record,” is a commonly excluded breed, or even has a bite history, XINSURANCE.COM can cover you and your beloved pet.

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