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One Safety Measure That All Blood Plasma Banks Should Take

Can blood plasma donation be dangerous? Can it result in litigation? Plasma is a yellow liquid that consists of mostly water and some proteins. While there’s a potential risk to the donor plasma and plasma recipients, there are routine safety measures taken by the medical staff and hospital to protect both parties. After donating, however, the donor may feel sick and be more susceptible to the flu and other common colds. Yet there are other hazards, as evidenced by lawsuits.

A plasma company conducted an initial screening of a donor’s blood and plasma to determine whether or not he was a good fit. He signed an “informed consent” form and was told that if his test comes back positive, he should consult his doctor. His test came back positive for HIV. He went to his doctor, who retested him and found him to be HIV positive. The result — he sued the plasma donation bank for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.

Another case: a woman was placed on a one-year list of banned plasma donors after a worker pricked himself with a needle, then used the same needle on her. She sued the plasma center for $10,000, including $3,800 in lost income — the amount of money she says she would have made in a year if she hadn’t been placed on the banned-donor list.

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