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Outdoor Outfitter & Guide Liability Insurance

Engaging in outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking and horseback riding can be thrilling. But if basic safety precautions are not observed, a fun outdoors adventure can quickly turn into a dangerous affair.

The biggest danger while rafting is drowning, as well as injury from the impact on rocks when falling out of the raft. Dangers of hiking include heat exhaustion, falls, and getting lost. While horseback riding, it is important to remember that animals are unpredictable, and exception care is essential.
Injuries from falling off a horse may be fatal, as most riders do not wear a helmet.

It is the responsibility of the guide or outfitter, as the leader of outdoor adventure programs, to be mindful of the risks of each activity, and to teach their clients about necessary safety precautions. However, guides cannot always prevent accidents. Therefore, outfitter and guide liability insurance is an important necessity to their careers. Anything can happen, especially in the wilderness, and guides need to be protected, especially by covering liability insurance gaps left exposed by traditional plans.