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Paintball Course Liability Insurance

Paintballs typically fly through the air at speeds hovering around 300 ft per second. Getting shot by one can leave large welts or even break skin. Players often run through dense forests, where branches hang low, thorns abound, and roots popping out of the ground are begging to be tripped on. Yes, the players do wear protection. Masks are used to cover their face and shield their eyes. Often pads are often donned on knees and elbows. However, these precautions are not enough to eliminate all risk of a serious injury. As a paintball course owner, you’re probably already aware of this. Almost always, a person must sign a waiver before paintballing. The problem is this: is there any way of knowing if a waiver and your traditional business insurance is enough? What you’ll probably find is that it is not.

Fortunately, paintball course owner liability insurance plans are available to fill in the gaps that may be lurking in those waivers and your traditional insurance. Each plan is custom shaped to suit the specific needs of your business, from the size and location of the course, to the kind of players who compete there. Paintball is fun and exciting. Nobody wants to get hurt, nor do they plan on it. However, accidents do happen, and on a paintball course, those accidents are likely to have much more severe consequences. You can’t afford to leave yourself the least bit exposed. Seek out a custom paintball course owner liability insurance plan, it’s the only way to ensure that you and your business will be fully protected.