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Peace of Mind During Economic Storms

Running a business is a matter of managing the ups and downs.  Hopefully more ups than downs.  Whether part of the board or one of the top executives in a corporation, you realize you’ve got to handle the pitch and roll in order to keep the business afloat.  Particularly in these difficult economic times.

During financially difficult times people are more prone to seek out and take legal action against any perceived corporate misstep.  Top-level decisions can be challenged by investors, regulators, and even criminal prosecutors.   And, so it is more important than ever that directors understand their obligations and potential liabilities.

Ironically, in these hard times, businesses not only have to stretch their assets and lean out their costs but also have to put additional energy into verifying that their every move is far from any legal gray area.  That is unless they have someone else watch their back for them.  Someone like XINSURANCE.

As XINSURANCE puts it, their policies are structured to cover the gaps and exclusions that may exist in your current policies, and to cover you in the event your Directors  & Officers policy is insufficient or non-existent.

Normally corporations are protected through their corporation status unless their corporate shield has been pierced via missteps such as the corporation taking actions without the board of directors having granted formal authority.  Or, corporate assets have not been segregated from the assets of directors.

XINSURANCE is gap coverage for you personally so that you can rest assured as you manage and direct the business that you and your loved ones are safe from possible liabilities.

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