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Personal Assets Are Vulnerable

A personal asset is something of value that you own.  Personal assets can include home, financial accounts, life insurance policies that have a cash value, real estate, businesses, cars, electronics, investment portfolios, collections of art, antiques and other valuables.  We may feel that once we own something, it is ours forever and therefore safe, giving us a false sense of security.  What is happening more and more is that legal judgments in lawsuits often exceed the amount you are insured for leaving your personal assets completely vulnerable.

Your assets are vulnerable as long as they are not protected.  A simple accident could mean total loss.  For example, if your neighbor stepped in a hole on your property in the dark and broke his hip– you could be liable. If you have a trampoline– you are vulnerable and may be paying for your neighbor’s broken arm.  If you own a dangerous dog breed and it bites someone– right again– you are vulnerable.

If you are a professional in a high-risk field such as a surgeon, attorney or dentist, your personal assets become vulnerable if a lawsuit or claim is filed against you. If you are a business owner with sole ownership, your risk is extremely high. All of your personal assets become vulnerable to any kind of lawsuit while operating your business. If your business is an LLC (limited liability corporation) your assets are a little safer but it is not absolute protection. Your assets also become exposed and vulnerable in a bankruptcy, divorce, or civil lawsuit.

Without protection, professionals and property owners are at risk to lose their assets. You can protect your valuables by getting an insurance policy through XINSURANCE.  Asset Protection Insurance is like insulation against damaging situations such as lawsuits. Asset Protection Insurance from XINSURANCE protects you from catastrophic loss if the amount of a legal judgment rendered against you exceeds what you are insured for and personal assets are then claimed. An insurance policy from XINSURANCE can replace up to 90% of the value of the lost assets.

We all value our personal assets. XINSURANCE values your peace of mind too.