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Personal Liability for Paragliders

Paragliding is an inherently risky activity but the adrenaline rush is what drives many enthusiasts to the sport. Nonetheless, it is critical to approach paragliding responsibly. The same way that you check that you have the proper equipment is the same approach you should have toward your insurance policy. Even the most cautious of paragliders can have an accident. XINSURANCE provides personal liability for individuals who undertake paragliding as a hobby and desire extra protection in case they are named in an incident, claim, or lawsuit involving their paragliding activities.

For those individuals for whom paragliding has grown past a personal passion and into becoming an instructor, XINSURANCE can find solutions for a personal liability policy as well. Although paragliding businesses are typically targeted due to their capacity for higher payouts, independent contractors acting as instructors can be named in a lawsuit as well. Due to the high-risk nature of paragliding, a single incident can put an instructor’s assets at risk and subject them to high out-of-pocket legal fees. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected!

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