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work at home insurance gaps

The Personal Liability Gap Commonly Overlooked by Those Who Work from Home

Working from home has its perks. While everyone in your neighborhood is outside warming their cars for their morning commute, chipping ice off windshields, and shoveling snow from their driveways, you make a coffee, turn up the thermostat, and get to work.


There are many work-at-home opportunities. You can work as a freelance writer, web designer, software developer, or sell services that utilize other personal skills. You can start a business selling physical goods from an e-commerce website or from eBay. Alternatively, you might sell digital products such as informational ebooks and videos, or perhaps software.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur. Many companies allow employees, whose jobs don’t require a physical presence, to work from home. Topmost on the minds of these workers and home entrepreneurs is high productivity despite the many distractions of the home environment. What these people rarely consider is exposure to lawsuits from others who visit their homes for business reasons and get injured.

Those who even think about this possibility might assume their homeowners insurance will cover this. However, these policies exclude lawsuits arising from business-related activities. For example, if you ship e-commerce goods from your home via UPS, and the UPS courier sues you after suffering an injury on your property, your homeowners liability won’t cover this. Given that you will rely on this courier every day for shipping your goods in all kinds of weather, there is a real risk that such an accident could occur.


Business-related accidents on your premises can also happen to clients, employees, or contractors who visit your home office. If this liability exposure never occurred to you, understand that this is a very common oversight. Of course, having lots of company doesn’t make the risk go away. If you work from home, consider using specialized personal liability coverage to protect yourself. For more information on this, contact us today.