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Personal Liability

We live in a wonderful country, where we enjoy many freedoms.

Unfortunately, one of those freedoms is owning a trampoline.

If our founding fathers had known what trampolines actually were, they would have viciously jotted down another section of the Constitution that forbids us from purchasing them. There would have been a block on importing any trampolines from outside the country, and anyone caught making or distributing them would be promptly hauled away or shipped off to some dark and lonely place. But because Ben Franklin never got around to inventing one before all those laws got written down, we’re stuck with them forever. (Here’s a great trampoline accident video – hopefully, you’re already selling yours on eBay by the 30 second mark).

Our neighbors had a trampoline while we were growing up, and many a bone was broken trying to ride that metal and nylon monster. But somehow, we kept playing on it. More than that, other houses bought their own bouncing death traps and put them in their yards. Passing airplanes must have thought our neighborhood looked like a green Dalmatian.

I bring the trampoline up because, along with things like swing sets and motorcycles, they can make us very happy, but they can also open us up to lawsuits, and in a time where America’s courtrooms are becoming more and more crowded, we need to take an inventory of our lifestyles, and see where we might be personally liable for things outside of our control.

For instance, do we coach a little league softball team? Do we volunteer with church leadership? Do we get secondary income from freelancing? Do we, against all logic, own a trampoline?

Take a personal liability inventory right now at XINSURANCE’s website, and find out where you may be exposed at home, at work, or at play.

There’s no way to anticipate what types of mishaps, mistakes or even well-intentioned actions that could get you into legal trouble, but with the help of an XINSURANCE agent, you can target areas in your life that might be open to unwelcome lawsuits. Remember, the easiest step to take in legal trouble is the one before the legal trouble begins. Call now at 877-585-2853 or email us at

Also, never buy a trampoline.