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Piercing Artist Liability Insurance

Just like with tattoos, body piercing artists are faced with responsibilities that include not only making customers happy, but also making sure all piercings go smoothly and trouble free. It is a practice and culture that relies on satisfied and loyal repeat customers, along with one-time thrill seekers, but as with anything else, whenever there are needles being used, there are risks involved. No matter how sterile the equipment, how experienced the artist, and how detailed and specific their post-piercing instructions may be, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. To compound the problem, even though absolutely no one forced a customer to get a piercing, a dissatisfied one tends to be very reactionary when it comes to the possible infection or disfigurement of his/her ears, nose, tongue, or more sensitive parts. Despite working in a shop that has business insurance, you as a piercing artist might lack liability coverage due to gaps in the existing policies. This is why it’s important to make sure you have piercing artist liability insurance just in case any kind of mishap occurs and the customer tries to hold you accountable.

You could be sued personally, and without proper coverage in place, it could end up costing you greatly. Fortunately, custom piercing artist liability insurance plans are available to protect you from costly litigation. Each plan is custom shaped to meet your personal needs, so you will be sufficiently covered and you won’t pay more than necessary. It’s a must for any piercing artist. Don’t risk working on another customer before making sure that your own livelihood is protected.