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true umbrella insurance

Policyholders Left in the Rain Without True Umbrella Coverage

A trend in insurance claims may lend some credence to the phrase, ‘you get what you pay for.’

Customers shopping for coverage will likely find deals and low prices on policies for their homes, businesses, or vehicles, but many consumers have found those bargains cost them more in the long run.

Claims will happen, no matter the cost of the insurance. It’s how they’re handled that really shows the value of a policy.

When the worst happens, many unfortunate customers find loopholes in their policies and become responsible for enormous settlements. When they get to court, the damages may exceed the limits of their policy. To make matters worse, nuclear settlements – anything over $10 million – are becoming commonplace.

You’re not ‘impossible to insure’

Customers who require high-risk or complex coverage may not even be able to access policies from admitted, or state-licensed, insurance companies.

Eventually, admitted companies start to drop entire classes of business they deem too risky to insure, including things like adventure tour businesses or explosive contractors.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative.

Non-admitted companies have the freedom and the resources to provide truly comprehensive coverage, even for exceptional circumstances.

Here’s how you get completely covered

When people have their policy canceled or denied coverage, they should seek out a comprehensive insurer with a wide-spanning policy.

XINSURANCE offers a True Umbrella Policy which combines the customer’s standard home, auto, and business-related policies with XINSURANCE’s specialty coverage. Not only is the customer protected against a wider variety of risks, but their policy limit is also higher, protecting against potentially crippling financial loss.

When it starts to rain, you need an umbrella

Recently, a couple in Utah approached a broker to enquire about XINSURANCE True Umbrella coverage. The Nolans had a beautiful rental property a few hours away from their family home, and for years, it was a profitable investment that kept Bob busy on the weekends with lawn maintenance. The asset was nothing but worthwhile in the first ten years of ownership.

Their deductibles were low, and they thought their coverage was complete.

When their tenants, a family of six who moved in just a few months earlier, moved out under cover of darkness, the Nolans were shocked. When they went by the house, they were devastated.

The house was a mess, and the tenants took almost every appliance and high-end finish they could find.

There even appeared to have been a small fire in the bathroom.

The damages exceeded their existing policy limit. To make matters worse, the terrible tenants were also suing the Nolans because the tenants’ mother, who lived with them, sustained injuries in the mystery fire.

The settlement exceeded $15 million and crippled the Nolans.  Their other businesses helped prop them up, but it would be several years before they purchased another income property.

They walked into the brokerage two months ago with questions about comprehensive specialty coverage and purchased the XINSURANCE True Umbrella Policy. They’re now covered with excess liability insurance, which will protect them against claims of injury, like the tenants’ grandmother’s, and will fill in the gaps they didn’t even know existed in their previous policies.

The Nolans haven’t run into any issues, and hopefully, they won’t. However, if they are sued again, XINSURANCE’s legal strategy will go to work for them.

XINSURANCE employs an experienced team of lawyers and legal professionals that go to bat for its policyholders, giving them honest advice and defending them against egregious claims.

The Nolans found that comprehensive insurance policies may be priced differently, but they provide peace of mind and protection tailored perfectly to their needs.

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