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Private Detective Liability Insurance

No matter how big the case, there’s always going to be a need for private detectives as businesses and individuals need more information they can uncover by themselves. Whether it’s to investigate insurance fraud or infidelity, private detectives can end up putting themselves at risk, both physically and financially. While exercise and caution can help a PI keep their body safe, you can’t always predict what will happen financially, specifically with lawsuits. Clients might think you manipulated information or people you’re investing might claim an invasion of privacy, so you need to make sure you’re protected.

This is why it’s important to have private detective liability insurance to keep yourself covered in the event of a lawsuit filed against you or your company. Even if you don’t run your own company, your employer might not cover your own legal needs, so going the extra step and getting a custom insurance plan can help save you time and money if worse comes to worse. While you make take every precaution possible, you can’t always predict what will happen, so stay safe and protected with a private detective liability insurance plan.