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Security Guard Insurance & Liability Coverage

While it’s the job of a security guard to protect others, security companies must ensure that their employees are protected by making sure they have proper security guard liability insurance. A lot of responsibility falls onto a security guard’s shoulders. Whether they are working in the lobby of a residential building or the entrance of a store, their clients depend on them to keep the entire premises safe at all times, and that often includes the people in them. Many cities and states require security guard companies to maintain a minimum amount of liability coverage via security guard insurance, so it’s very important to make sure your company has a strong enough security guard liability coverage plan to be operating within the law.

Unfortunately, there will always be crime—incidents of assault, battery, theft, and much worse happen across the country every day, and many times they happen where a security guard is present. If a guard is on duty when something or somebody in the building is harmed, can they be held liable? Many court cases have decided that yes, a security guard and the company that employs them can be held liable for anything that happens in the realm of their supervision, even if little could have been done by the security guard to prevent the incident. Victims will look for retribution wherever possible, and it is up to the security company to ensure that they have the right liability coverage when problems like these arise. So make sure your company has the right security guard liability insurance plan given the size and scope of the work being done before it’s too late.