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Security Guard Insurance & Liability Coverage

While it’s the job of a security guard to protect others, security companies must ensure that their employees are protected by making sure they have proper security guard liability insurance. A lot of responsibility falls onto a security guard’s shoulders. Whether they are working in the lobby of a residential building or the entrance of a store, their clients depend on them to keep the entire premises safe at all times, and that often includes the people in them. Many cities and states require security guard companies to maintain a minimum amount of liability coverage via security guard insurance, so it’s very important to make sure your company has a strong enough security guard liability coverage plan to be operating within the law.

Unfortunately, there will always be crime—incidents of assault, battery, theft, and much worse happen across the country every day, and many times they happen where a security guard is present. If a guard is on duty when something or somebody in the building is harmed, can they be held liable? Many court cases have decided that yes, a security guard and the company that employs them can be held liable for anything that happens in the realm of their supervision, even if little could have been done by the security guard to prevent the incident. Victims will look for retribution wherever possible, and it is up to the security company to ensure that they have the right liability coverage when problems like these arise. So make sure your company has the right security guard liability insurance plan given the size and scope of the work being done before it’s too late.

XINSURANCE: The Best Place to Get Security Guard Insurance

Security professionals and armed security guards are hired to do one job above all else: protect others and their property from danger and harm. Yet, who can these security professionals turn to for protection, especially while they are on duty? Sadly, there are not many options that security professionals and armed security guards can rely on to have their backs and protect them – unless they have Security Guard Insurance from XINSURANCE, of course.


Going back all the way to the days of the Roman Empire, security professionals have been essential to keeping the peace and protecting important people from physical harm. Today, many security professionals and armed guards – including Secret Service officers, bodyguards, and bouncers – courageously put their own well being and personal reputation on the line in order to provide others with the safety they need. They are more often than not the first line of defense protecting presidents, ambassadors, or even your favorite celebrities and athletes. Even bouncers at bars or clubs play a critical role in making sure people are able to have a good time without being bothered by individuals who might be up to no good. These people are heroes almost on par with police officers and soldiers, yet rarely do they get the respect they more than deserve. In fact, many security professionals and armed security guards are prone to lawsuits in our world of sue-happy people, often being accused of negligence or using excessive force while simply trying to do their jobs and keep the peace. In many of these lawsuits, there are very few people willing to stand behind these security professionals and provide them with any kind of safety net.


If you have never heard of Security Guard Insurance before, it is most likely because not many insurance agencies make it readily available to those in the security industry. This is pretty unfortunate because these professionals risk their own lives day in and day out to provide outstanding protection to others. The point of someone having insurance is so they can have protection from whatever life might throw at them, yet people in such a high-risk role have little to no options or places to turn when they need help. Perhaps some agencies just consider it too much of a hassle to provide coverage to these heroes, or maybe they do not think the risks they take while on the job are worth insuring. As many people who work in security have come to realize, an umbrella insurance policy that most agencies offer falls well short of meeting their actual insurance needs. Whatever the case may be, it is good to know that the insurance experts at XINSURANCE will provide customized coverage to security professionals and armed security guards, as well as a host of other unique coverage options.


XINSURANCE was started to help fill in the exposed cracks that many other agencies fail to notice in today’s litigious society. We provide users with the chance to find more specific kinds of coverage than just the standard home, auto, and umbrella insurance policies offered by everyone else. We go the extra step to provide coverage for specific vehicles, like ATV, motocross, boat, or commercial trucking. We offer coverage for a wide variety of lifestyles or career choices, such as roofing contractors, fitness instructors, and even those who professionally perform as Santa Claus. Bet you never realized your local Santa Claus had someone to provide them with liability coverage, huh? Of course, we also offer a Security Guard Insurance policy plan that is tough to beat.


Perhaps the best reason to sign up with XINSURANCE, besides the opportunity to easily live the life you want or partake in the activities you love, is our highly unique “All-in-One” approach to insurance. This approach will allow you the chance to get broader coverage with up to $10 million limits or higher through the help of reinsurance partners. We offer such customizable coverage because we want to perfectly tailor plans to provide coverage in the places that a person’s homeowner or business insurance policy may not cover. Our goal as a business is to give you and your assets the 360-degree protection you rightfully deserve.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to find the exact kind of Security Guard Insurance policy you never thought you could find before. Seriously, you will be shocked at how many things XINSURANCE offers coverage for. If it is easier, you can also reach any of our well-trained underwriters at (877) 585-2853 or by emailing All of our underwriters are experts at walking you through the various options we provide and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Do yourself a favor and contact XINSURANCE to help minimize the risk in your life while maximizing the peace of mind.


Originally published April 1, 2009 10:27 AM, updated August 04, 2020