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Senior Home Employee Liability Insurance

Many senior assistance and nursing homes face trouble when looking for a liability insurance plan for their employees and workers because of the nature of their business. Insurance agencies will view a senior living home as a hotbed for potential claims against employees from occupants due to their age and health issues, and many companies stopped offering senior home insurance altogether in states where senior facilities are abundant. This puts many nursing home workers in an uneasy predicament—when choices are scarce, they either have to pay a high premium or opt for no insurance at all.

Offering senior homes employees full liability coverage at an affordable price is necessary to keep high-quality facilities running successfully and make sure the employees are protected. Without insurance, senior homes could risk losing both employees and business, as no one wants to put themselves at risk for liability claims or have their loved ones in a place where safety and protection are not the top priorities. While those people operating a senior home hope for happy and healthy occupants, injuries and accidents do happen, which is why it’s important to make sure employees are protected against liability claims.