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Set Course for Calmer Waters with Boat Rental Insurance from XINSURANCE

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Set Course for Calmer Waters with Boat Rental Insurance from XINSURANCE

Need a boat rental insurance plan that gives you the precise protection you want and not just a broad plan that only covers the basics? Then you will want to learn more about the kind of plans that XINSURANCE offers.

For many of us, there is no greater place to be then near or on the open water. It is a special place where a person can fish, swim, meditate, and party all in the same location. The feeling of the sand in our toes and the fresh ocean breeze in your face is something that is just too good to pass up. The good times are taken to a whole other level when you add a boat into the equation.

Having a boat is a great way to explore new spots and gain some more privacy, which is why so many people own boats of their own or rent from others. Some people even choose to run their own boat rental company so that they can combine business with pleasure. No matter which category you fall under, it is imperative to have an insurance policy that can keep you safe in the event of a boat accident.

With more than 11 million registered recreational water vessels, according to USCG Boating, it is safe to say that spending time out on the water is a pastime that is beloved by many Americans. While life on the water can be exciting, it can also be unpredictable and, at times, dangerous. The same can be said for boats or other watercraft that can quickly turn into giant legal liabilities if they were to ever cause an accident.

Even if it was just a simple accident or something that was not even your fault, the amount of time and money that must go into fighting such lawsuits can hurt a person’s bank account or business. According to a report from the United States Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division, recreational boating accidents caused $46 million in property damage in one year alone. Property damage is just one of the many ways that you could be held liable for accidents caused by your boat, and each one can cost an arm and a leg for the uninsured.

While boat rental insurance might not prevent the storm clouds from coming, or promise the water will always be calm, it will provide you with the protection your business needs to succeed. It also brings the much-needed peace of mind that comes with knowing you are that much safer and protected from whatever life throws at you.

Without a good plan on your side, you and your business will be left vulnerable to a number of costly legal issues, some so severe that they could force you to shutter your doors and lose everything you have worked so hard for. While some providers only offer coverage plans that are very generic and only protect you from surface-level problems, here at XINSURANCE, we make it our business to offer liability protection for many of the areas the competition leaves behind.

XINSURANCE is an insurance partner based in Utah that was founded on the belief that no person should ever have to fear that they are under-protected. What we provide to our customers is highly-customizable coverage that allows you to pay for the exact protection that you want, the kind that minimizes risk and maximizes the good times.

We offer the kind of liability protection that is so badly needed in today’s highly litigious society and we fill in the gaps your current homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies contain. Our team brings more than 30 years of experience to the table, making it easier to find the perfect combination of customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums for you and your business.

Where other companies zig, XINSURANCE chooses to zag, which is just one reason why we are so well respected within our industry and beloved by our customers. While most providers are unwilling to offer protection for certain lifestyles and activities, XINSURANCE is ready to greet everyone with open arms. If you have ever been denied, non-renewed, or had your coverage canceled, fear not because there is still a place for you.

This forward-thinking approach to providing coverage has helped land XINSURANCE in high-profile publications such as Business Wire and MarketWatch. If there are certain holes in your policies that could leave you financially weakened by a liability lawsuit, then this is the company for you.

XINSURANCE provides boat rental insurance plans that will provide the liability insurance that your other plans may not cover. To find out more about the customizable insurance coverage that you will only find through this insurance partner, be sure to browse our product lines on our website. Get yourself back out on the water without any worries once you find the perfect plan that will meet your needs.

Rick J. Lindsey
Rick Lindsey

President, CEO and Chairman