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Shooting Range Insurance – Why Liability Coverage Is Necessary

Shooting ranges are a prime target for lawsuits because of their inherent liability risk. There is the obvious risk—injuries and death caused by misfire—but there are plenty of other issues that the owner of a shooting range needs to be aware of, as well. Some are preventable by taking certain security measures, such as stocking the range with proper fire extinguishers and maintaining superb upkeep of the facility. But just like all other aspects of life, the unexpected can and will happen, and that’s when you need to make sure you have the proper shooting range liability insurance coverage plan that’s custom designed for your needs. Shooting range insurance for liability risks can cover a great number of things many people would not expect, such as severe weather incidents such as a patron getting struck by lightning, or a non-club members trespassing onto the property and getting hurt.

Somebody could slip and fall in the range parking lot, while someone else can sustain an injury when using a rifle they purchased from your pro shop and might try to sue the shooting range for damages. Unfortunately, the number of claims that people find to file against shooting ranges seems endless, but the right shooting range liability coverage can keep the range up and running, and most importantly, safe.