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Specialized Personal Liability Coverage: The Many Ways That People Get Sued

Life is complicated and because of this, bad things can happen in unexpected ways. Lawsuits often blindside people who never conceived such types of litigation were possible. Lawsuits only require plaintiffs who feel wronged and lawyers who believe they have a good chance of winning. If you believe the cost of pursuing a lawsuit will deter most people from trying, think again. Law firms specialize in specific areas of practice. Many take on clients without charging fees. Instead, they include their fee in the damages awarded should they win their case.

Accidents can happen, and so can seemingly innocent actions that cause unintended consequences. You may feel that your automobile, home, and professional insurance policies have you covered, but you’re still vulnerable to their exclusions and policy limits.

Here are four examples of litigation scenarios:

  • Giving a dog obedience school a bad review. Businesses that depend on their online reputations for customers are vulnerable to negative reviews. Many potential customers take these reviews at face value because they’re given by people just like them. Whether any individual review actually causes a loss of business doesn’t matter. If a business associates your bad review with their loss of business, it’s enough for some business owners to sue you. Even if they lose the case, you’re still out of the time and money put into defending yourself.
  • Accidentally electrocuting someone. How is this possible? When someone enters your flooded basement that has the normal electrical appliances common to basements. Or someone goes for a swim in your pool with an old pump with electrical work that finally wears out. Or the third prong of one of your power outlets isn’t connected to the ground and someone plugs a defective appliance into it.
  • Causing a chain-reaction car accident. Losing control of your car because of a tire blowout or other mechanical reasons can trigger a chain reaction accident in some circumstances. If the accident involves a tractor-trailer rig, the injuries and damage can escalate even further.
  • An attractive nuisance injures a trespassing child. Examples of attractive nuisances include trampolines, treehouses, swimming pools, skateboard ramps, or a deep pit in your yard.

Some of the above examples can trigger very damaging lawsuits that may exceed the coverage limits of your insurance policy while others cover possible areas of insurance exclusions. Don’t find out after the fact about the gaps and inadequate coverage of your insurance policies. Examine these policies carefully, and if you find them lacking, specialized personal liability coverage is available from XINSURANCE.

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