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student pilot flying with student pilot insurance from xinsurance

Student Pilot Insurance

There’s nothing like that feeling of freedom in the air as you learn to fly a plane. But even when you do everything right, accidents can still happen. To reduce the financial risk of your new favorite hobby, it’s important to have student pilot insurance for yourself.

What Is Student Pilot Insurance?

Student pilot insurance protects you from having to pay hefty fees if something happens to the airplane you’re flying, or something else goes wrong during a flight. Insurance can cover you and the plane you rent for your flying lessons. You can be held responsible for damage to the plane, but liability insurance may prevent you from having a large payout.

You can also avoid paying for bodily injury to another person while you fly or property damage sustained during a flight. You would never dream of getting in a car without insurance, and it’s just as important to have an insurance policy while flying an airplane.

Why It’s Important to Have Student Pilot Insurance

Student pilot insurance can safeguard you and your finances in the event of damage or injury. Reasons to get student pilot insurance include:

  1. Following requirements: Your fixed-base operator (FBO) or flight school may not let you fly unless you have insurance.
  2. Ensuring protection: The policy of your FBO or flight school often only covers them.
  3. Preparing for responsibility: Even when using a rental, the plane owner or their insurance company could hold you accountable for anything bad that happens during a flight.

What’s Under Student Pilot Insurance

Student pilot insurance can protect you in various circumstances. For instance, if someone with a subrogation clause owns the plane you are flying, insurance can cover the costs of their loss of use. Your policy can also cover medical expenses if you get hurt. If you damage the hull while flying, insurance can pay for the damage to the aircraft. This does not cover full hull (inland marine coverage), it can only cover up to $10,000 (or more for an additional premium) for legal liability to non-owned aircraft covering the deductible. The policy covers 3rd party on the ground, no passengers.

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